Internal Dimensions : 7m x 4m x 2.8m (without basement)
Masonry works and 3 rows of grids with polyurethane panels
3-leaf front door, 3 meters wide in blue color
Roof-mounted lighting with 4 light fixtures on each side (8 light fixtures in total)
Plenum height of 500mm
Electro/mech control box, 220V 1PH 50HZ/380V 3PH 50HZ
Zinc-coated intake unit with 7.5KW (7.5HP) motor, fan, pocket filter, 2 smoke passed heat exchanger, Riello brand one-stage oil burner for 180000 kcal/HR, electrically operated intake damper, and total recirculation system on the bake phase
Zinc-coated exhaust unit with 7.5KW (10HP) motor, fan, and synthetic filters
Red liquid gauge
Bonnet hanger
Hinge cover for each door
Vertical lights
Water indicator for filter and side service door
Backward inclined fan unit turbo-ventilator directly coupled to the motor
Metal basement (optional)